Psychiatry Websites, Websites for Medical Doctors

Psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors

Websites for medical doctors are in growing demand since most patients seeking a psychiatrist or medical doctor are more likely to use Google rather than a phone book or referral.  The words “Chicago psychiatrist” are searched 5,400 times a month. Throw in the new health care legislation and more and more doctors will be going on a private pay. I have designed several websites for psychiatrists and medical doctors. I do have some latitude in changing the sites (banner and content and layout) as well so even though these appear very similar, we can customize your site. These sites also include all medical website design, regardless of the specialty!

This site is on page one of Google for the search Chicago psychiatrist

I built a website for a medical doctor in Arizona and he had to stop taking patients after 10 months of being on the web. He has developed 150 new patients from this website alone, which in Scottsdale rates comes out to $125,000 a year in fees. He couldn’t handle the patient load and was getting on some Mondays 15 new patients before he posted the temporary notice that he is not taking new patients. Are you looking at the psychiatry websites or websites for medical doctors but are confused as to which way to go? The Internet is the way of the future for the Gen X and Gen Y’sPsychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors are easy markets to break into. Contact me and I will tell you why.

Psychiatry Websites, Websites for Medical Doctors – The World Is Changing In How People Find Doctors

Let me explain that as pretty as a website is, the only value it has is its ability to get ranked on page one or two of the most pertinent searches for your industry of field of specialty and compel patients to see value in your practice.  Psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors must be optimized for predetermined searches! Check this website that you are on and I will show you what I mean: When someone lives in the Chicago area and is suffering from ADHD they will go to a search engine like Google and type in “Chicago psychiatrist ADHD” or if they are suffering from anxiety the will type in “Chicago psychiatrist anxiety”. Go to Google and type in these searches and look for the domain name You will see this site come up on page one or two of many of these searches! This is amazing since this website was launched in July of 2011 and we have achieved this ranking. Go ahead and also couple Chicago psychiatrist with OCD, bipolar disorder, depression and check the rankings of this website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO from here forward), is the goal of these sites thatpsychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors are targeted towards the search terms that the public most often uses to search for a psychiatrist or medical doctor and then write articles about these topics, secondly it is important to continue to write articles of interest with that are relevant to these keywords. These articles tell Google that this website is always posting new and relevant information and Google will give your site high ranking because of this. Additionally there are other issues of social media and back links that I due to optimize your site. By the way patients love to read these articles of interest. Here is a sample of some articles that should be posted weekly click on this link: Chicago psychiatrist

Psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors don’t have to be complicated or expensive, all they have to be is (1) easy to find and (2) compelling enough to get the patient to take the next step in calling you to set the appointment. I can make them COMPELLING! I can accomplish both of these tasks for you. Normally I have several programs for psychiatry websites and websites for medical doctors. First off I will design the website similar to the ones that I have showcased in this article. This can be designed for very little money. Then there will be a short training period in teaching you or your personnel how to write articles and optimize the site with back links and other social media vehicles. Or thirdly I can design the entire site and manage it for you for about a year until you achieve your results, under this option I will write the articles for you and you will have to edit and approve them. This will be costly but again, nothing compared to the larger website companies. I am the husband of a medical doctor, and I have a full time job but manage her website as well as build my own sites. My goal is to sell no more than 6 psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors around the country and provide them with the very best service.

If you are interested in Psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors contact me through this website and I will demonstrate how well these sites work and show you my wife’s site and how she dominates her field of expertise on the Internet. She once worked by referral but soon found out that 95% of her business was coming from the Internet. I believe you will find this to be true, especially if you are a “fee only practice”.

This is a unique opportunity that will be available to the first 6 doctors that contact me and decide to take their practice to a new level and are serious about psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors. If you are a plastic surgeon, cardiologist, psychiatrist, or any other specialist that would like to start a “fee only” practice but need to wean yourself off the insurance panels, this is the way to do it. Start with a website, open a small practice aside from your existing one and slowing grow into the fee only practice. If your results are anything like my other client, you will be attracting well over 80% of your business from your website within 90 days. Psychiatry websites are easy to build a practice since the elasticity for demand is narrow and most patients seeking your services will pay cash, especially since psychiatric fees are relatively low and the bulk of the cost of treatment is in the medications which are covered by insurance. Websites for medical doctors who are plastic surgeons are typically all cash practices and will depend heavily on the Internet for business. Even cardiologists in many states are leaving the insurance panels and going to fee only practices; in which case the Internet is critical in building a practice. This medical website design is open to all fields of specialty.

If you are just out of residency, this might be your golden opportunity to build your practice as well. Psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors are at a unique time in that many have not aware of the market on the Internet. Contact me if you have any interest in psychiatry websites, websites for medical doctors regardless of your specialty.

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